Academic Plan of Action

I have evaluated my academic plan at the end of this semester I will have 34 credits, the majority of which have been in Interior Design. I have come to the conclusion that it will take me approximately 7 semesters and 1 Internship in order to complete my graduation requirements of 120 credits. I may decide to take a semester earlier than my scheduled semesters or take some online classes during my off track  

The Grad Planner helps students easily plan their future academic life, unfortunately I could not get the application to work so I have mapped out the plan the old fashion way.

Tyler Christensen is an academic advisor at Brigham Young University Idaho I was able to learn from him that all those interior design credits do not have to go to waste. This is what shaped my idea to use Interior Design as my speciality for Event Management and lead me to discover my desire to become an Event Manager for Interior Design Market Shows. He explained to me that I can create a custom cluster with Interior Design, which still has a few kinks to work out but I’m getting there, My teacher Ward Hicks explained to me that the cluster isn’t even necessary but I still feel there is value in claiming those classes as more than just elective credits.

Here is my Academic Plan:

Fall 2013:

  1. 2credits of Religion
  2. 3credits of American Foundations
  3. 3credits of Science
  4. 3Credits of Public Relations and Practices
  5. 3 Credits of Public Speaking

15 Semester Credits

Winter 2014:

  1. 1Credit Scroll or Practicum
  2. 2credits of Religion
  3. 3credits of Math
  4. 3credits on the Developing world
  5. 3credits of Writing for communication

12 Semester credits

Fall 2014:

  1. 3credits of Science
  2. 3credits of Media Strategy and planning
  3. 2credits of Religion
  4. 3credits of visual media
  5. 3credits of Mass Media in society

15 Semester credits

Winter 2015:

  1. 2 Credits of Religion
  2. 3credits of Science
  3. 1credit practicum
  4. 3credits of Professional Presentation
  5. 3credits of communication research fundamentals

12 Semester Credits

Fall 2015

  1. 3 Credits of Foundation Capstone Course
  2. 2credits of Religion
  3. 3credits of Advances Principles and Practices
  4. 3credits of News Media stragedy and tactics
  5. 1credit of Communication Career workshop

12 Semester credits

Winter 2016

  1. 3 Credits of Advertising creative development and Writing
  2. 3credits of Media research methods
  3. 1credit Practicum
  4. 3credits Ethics and Legal issues
  5. One additional credit

12+ Semester Credits

-Fall internship 2016- 3 Credits

Winter 2017

  1. 3 Credit Public Relations Campaign
  2. 1 Credit Senior Project
  3. 7elective credits
  4. 1 Practicum

12+ Semester credits

GRADUATION!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!



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