Since my actual website must be doing some sort of update, I have resorted to my old blog for now. I hope to be able to get this on my real website soon. For the past few weeks in my Vector Graphics class we have been working on designing a time piece. I chose to base my time piece loosely off of one of the few watched I own and love.


I started this project two weeks ago with some sketches of features I might want on my timepiece. The structure of the watch stayed pretty consistent in my overall concept of the piece throughout the entire project, however the face did not.


Rough Draft:

Next, I took my ideas into Illustrator. I decided on a color scheme similar to the watch I own. I created the shapes for the watch as well as details for the frame and band.


Creating the watch:

I have been sick this week and my mind and has caused me all sorts of silly mistakes. I made a pretty unfortunate one and forgot to save my illustrator file from my rough draft. I had to start all over again. This took a very long time and caused a lot of frustration; however, I am pleased with the results and improvements made from the rough draft. We were asked to design our watches using photorealism which is a concept I really struggled with while I was in the Interior Design program four years ago. This intimidated me, but considering my previous struggles with this concept I feel like this project was successful. I used gradients as best as I could, creating highlights and shadows to make the image look more life-like. I also used rasterized textures of brush metals and leather to complete the look. I called my mom, who is a graphic designer, countless times to ask how to rasterize certain textures correctly or for help with clipping masks. It was difficult getting each item in the right layer so the image made sense. There are so many little pieces in the image that it made keeping track of layers very difficult, but very necessary. I was using a higher resolution image for brush metal and my file ran out of space. That was extremely frustrating considering it took about thirty minutes to even move one image with a brush metal effect on it. I fixed this problem in photoshop then brought the vector files back into Illustrator. I did not like this metal as much but it was a lot easier to work with.


Overall, I am happy with my results. I spent a lot of time on this project, there were tears, time restraints, and the business of life that made this project very stressful. I think I am grasping a better idea of how to achieve photo realism and don’t see the concept as complicated as before. If I had more time I would make the details on the frame and face a little more photo realistic. I have learned a lot from this project in such a short and stressful amount of time. I now know how to create a watch in Illustrator and that is rather useful skill that I intend to make use of later in my life.