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Two years ago today I created “Designer’s Voyage” The Voyage truly has been a blessing in my life. The goal for my voyage has not changed from the beginning, however like any voyage there were some unexpected turns and obstacles that crossed my path. I am still an aspiring designer but I am also working towards being an event coordinator for large design events.

Through all the mysterious winds in life posting my work, my accomplishments and my life here has been a wonderful confidence booster! Seeing my work come together and being published where others actually admire and read my work is truly exciting for me! Seriously, I get so excited every time I beat my record of viewers here on The Voyage or increase my number of followers. I love hearing from my audience and knowing that there are people out there at are looking at me, my work and what I’m capable of. I love knowing that I am not going about life being unnoticed. This is my passion.

For the past month or two I’ve had several posts I have wanted to publish, but I did not want to post any more of my work without a watermark that I felt confident with. So here is a new milestone in my Voyage. I have been tweaking, playing with and redesigning logos for my own personal Voyage, and I believe I finally found the one I am confident with so…..


The official Designer's Voyage Logo!

The official Designer’s Voyage Logo!

Inspiration came when I spoke with my dear friend Kylie, who is an aspiring photographer discussing photography and design. I was telling her about my watermark dilemma and also encouraging her to create a WordPress account of her own to display her photography (Kylie Mae, if you do I guarantee I will make a post to brag about your work and helping you set up your account!) Anyway, suddenly an epiphany occurred, she got the same idea as I did. Designer’s Voyage…..There are so many logo possibilities with that….A BOAT! YES THAT’S IT! So I have been playing with the idea of a boat voyage for sometime now and have finally gotten somewhere!

I tested out my new logo as a watermark on a picture I took not to long ago :


I can play with the opacity of my watermark and placement if I need to.

I am so pleased with the results I have gotten in the past few years through this Voyage and will continue to progress in this crazy life’s journey. I look forward to more adventures!

– The Designer, The Voyager, Marisa Faye Reeves