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I am so beyond excited that I bought my very first DSLR camera! I have not used an SLR camera since my Senior Year of High School (So about 3 years) and so I have a lot of learning and re-learning to do. I got a Nikon D3100 with two lenses for a screaming deal. Before all of you try to tell me that I should have gotten a Canon, I’ll just tell you I’ve had much more luck with my Nikon cameras than my Canons.

I got the D3100 because I am still learning, as I progress in my learning and also earn more money I can buy a better camera.

I just wanted to Showcase some of my first pictures I took with my brand new camera! Also a few that my sister and my mom took of me- (I’m the one with the brown curly hair 😉 ) These pictures belong to me and my family, which is why they all have a “Designer’s Voyage” watermark (which I may improve my watermark in the future).

You may also notice that in my “About me” Section I finally have an updated picture of me that is not displayed here. The last picture  had up was me with blonde hair, and I haven’t had blonde hair for about 2 years now.


Marisa Faye Reeves