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In advertising there are 5 “P’s” we should consider; Product, Price, Place, Promotion and People. It is important that we make our advertisements appropriate for our audience, the area in which we advertise, we use the appropriate medium and the correct purpose of the advertisement. Beth Hendricks taught that Advertising brings Prices down. Advertising brings people to buy things they don’t want or need. to quote ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’, “A store can open a lust for things you never knew you needed” such is the same with advertising.

Hendricks presented this video for communication students,

In Advertising the way you present is everything! Be creative, be appropriate and be convincing! Get the audience you want to see the appeal of what you are advertising! Stand out from the world.

I am currently working with the Rexburg Business Expo where we have been put in charge of advertising around town and campus. Today, we were revising a banner our group leader had designed, our advisor was dissatisfied with the outcome so I helped my classmate make the proper revisions to this banner. Issues included; the visibility to the public, creating a readable banner without being distracting or overwhelming, knowing where space is needed we knew some of the banner will be cut off by the frame it will be placed in so we had to create the appropriate space in order for people to see the banner clearly with no confusion.

http://www.aaf.org/ this is a website that you can join in order to improve your advertisement and the amount of viewers you will have on your advertisement. Members can receive awards and are informed of upcoming events (again something I would be very interested in seeing the action of these events).

I use Advertising in my daily life, this very blog is a method of advertisement for myself. I plan to use Advertising through my future career as an Event Manager. I will always need the name of my event to get out there and communicate with an appropriate audience! Advertisement is more than just a flyer, it’s how we live our lives. We know about products, services and places through advertisement whether that be through social media, word of mouth or actual flyers and posters. To live well, Advertise well.

-Marisa Faye Reeves