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Shelia Wener defined internship as; Experience, Deciding what you like, Course Correction, Networking and an opportunity to have a job after graduation with a higher paying salary.

I have been thinking about internships since my Senior Year of High School. In a way my Internship plan has not changed that much. I was looking at areas outside of where I lived that would be convenient for me to pursue a career in Interior Design. I still am looking for internships where I can make reasonable living and transportation arrangements while pursuing my desire to become an Event Manager for Design Market shows, this will be a little trickier considering I don’t know of any living arrangements that would be reasonable where a market show takes place.

I was involved in Drama in high School, I remember going to a big audition in the big city, and although I did not feel satisfied with my performance I had learned that auditions were all about experience and eventually you will score a job! Auditions are Job Interviews. Job Interviews are all about experience, learning and preparing yourself for the job. http://www.jobinterviewquestions.org/http://www.jobinterviewquestions.org/ is a website that helps those who are in the market for a job (or an internship) be able to find a job, how to act during an interview, what the appropriate questions are to ask your interviewer. The site is helpful for specific types of interviews, where to find the job you are looking for and how to resign from your current job.

Remember to treat your first job and your internship like Grad School, keep in mind you may not get paid a lot but you will gain some great experiences. Always be looking for great job opportunities and internships.

This will be my last post for the weekend. Please keep your eyes open for experiences.

-Marisa Faye Reeves