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Plagiarism is unoriginal, unethical and will never enhance your creative abilities. Even if you use plagiarism to get yourself a great job, I guarantee there will be a time where you will not be able to use someone elses work, you will be looked down upon when others notice the quality of “Your” work has gone down or your style differs from what you have previously presented.

Shane Cole taught that Ethics is what is morally good and morally bad. The idea of plagiarism was brought to pass in 1716 when Facts, Ideas and names are being copied without permission. Queen Anne had a Law that a work belonged to the author for 14 years after they had produced their work.

copyrighting is how we can prevent plagiarism. A copyright is any original work that is fixed in a tangible form (If you were to copy this very blog post you would be a plagiarist violating my person copyright, I own the rights to this blog).

You can evaluate whether you are plagiarizing someone or not by asking yourself what purpose are you using this article and for not claiming it as your own. Understanding the Nature of your source, determining how much of someone elses work you will be using while correctly siting your source, and evaluating whether the example you correctly credited to the author is a positive effect on your market and the authors market go ahead and promote an author! I would love if all of you would promote me and my blog as long as you gave me the proper credit.

-Marisa Faye Reeves