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I would like to share an awesome website that I was to read and evaluate for my Communications 100 course. This website is called timeanddate.com

It’s nearly midnight in Idaho but in Adelaide Australia It’s only 4:30pm! So why should this effect the way we look at business?

I have a family member who has lived outside the world for quite some time now, on rare occasions he would call and talk to me while I was visiting some other relatives. He would always call during the day and for him that was an obscure time.

timeanddate teaches how to connect with people from across the world at times that are most suitableĀ to both parties. Often, in a profession you may have to communicate with another from across the world, you as a business person should know and respect their time. It is most important for you to cater to their time, timeanddate shows you what times of the day are reasonable for you to contact someone from across the world.

Also, if you are traveling in your profession it would be good to know the time changes in order to adapt your plans around the time that the community you are traveling of is aware of.

timeanddate not only shows the time around the world but also the weather, when the sun sets and rises. Environmental factors that we would want to be aware of that may differ from our own are included in this site. If you are a photographer traveling to the Middle East in order to capture the perfect picture of the sun rise, you should probably be aware of when the sun rises, in what weather conditions and be using the appropriate time to plan accordingly.

Time is precious. No one wants to waste their time or be inconvenienced by others not being aware of the environment in which they are associating with. Communicating across the world can be a great networking opportunity, however we will not impress those who we are communicating with if we are not considerate of their time. If we are not aware of time we may not be able to achieve our goals, we may miss opportunities.

timeanddate.com also had some fun apps such as; a calculator that tells you exactly how old you are in a measurement of time, A clock widget for blogs, clocks for your phone, a tool that allows you to plan events in a particular time pattern.

I highly suggest you check out timeanddate.com, play around on the website and use it as a tool to network appropriately with those who live across the world.

-Marisa Faye Reeves