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I started this blog the Summer of 2011, this was my first blog I ever created and I would consider this blog a success. I hope for a lot more traffic in the future. I was able to learn from Lane Williams a that Random blogging can get you a good job if the right people come across the blog. While my blog is not random but rather more geared to what I want in life I still feel that this blog could get me somewhere great if I play my cards right. I promote myself through Facebook and Twitter. I have networked with many Interior Designers and Communication directors through this blog and my twitter account.

Every student in my Communications 100 course was required to create a WordPress account, I had an advantage because I already had started my voyage. The Communication department knows that ALL students need web documentation. We have learned that all WordPress Documents need 3-4 tags in order to give the blog more views. So why WordPress? Well for one WordPress is commonly used and you can make your own website through WordPress. I also find WordPress professional and easier to look at the layout of a WordPress versus a distracting layout many bloggers use on other blog domains.

When blogging it is best to have a focused subject. Where my blog may seem to be a little bit of everything, my focus is the same. I want to incorporate Interior Design, Graphic Design and other Design in my Communication studies and future.

The average person spends 70 mins a day in News and Media. To be a better writer we should know what is going on in our community with an open-mind.

CONSUME NEWS through Social Media sites, Yahoo, Google, Local News, Blogs etc.

ap.org is a website where many current events are reported. There is a list of special events:


These special events allow journalists to write about spectacular events such as the Grammys, Academy Awards, March Madness and something I’ve recently been reading about and even writing a paper on, Cannes Film Festival. These are events I would love to get involved in! There is always an exciting event going on and I’m so happy that I will be spending my life in one big event full of lots of events.

This website has a clear layout, it’s visually appealing and a reliable source. This may sound a little extreme but I will honestly not go to a source that I feel does not give off a professional or pleasing image. ap.org has that professional appeal. I cannot stress how important it is to create a professional, appropriate and visually appealing blog. Please do not chose distracting colors or busy patterns, do not create a confusing layout, make your posts easy to locate. Remember, anyone can create an abstract crazy confusing blog, it takes talent to create a professional and appealing image for not only your blog but yourself. Your blog becomes your identity.

Here is an example of how much easier it is to visually follow the layout of a well designed professional looking blog versus a blog that is just pure chaos. Look at the picture on the right, what is even going on there? What is the focus? If you were looking for professionalism which blog would you read over? This picture was found at;



-Marisa Faye Reeves