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We attend school in hopes to receive employment and job opportunities, As John Thompson an Advisor over I-Comm (the University Journalism Department at Brigham Young University Idaho) taught students. He came and taught my class what I-comm has to offer students in the communications program. I-Comm offers media-experience in journalism which include: The Scroll (Brigham Young University Idaho’s Newspaper), Scroll Digital (Universities Digital Newspaper), copy editing, design, photography opportunities, and the ability to deal with sales. The I-comm agency requires entry-level classes in Advertising, Public Relations, Design and Video Productions. I feel comfortable with all these aspects excluding Video Production so that will be something I will need to work on.

I have enjoyed writing since a very young age, some pieces of my work I want to share with the whole wide world, others I’d rather keep private. I think every writer has a secret desire to become some sort of Anne Frank, they don’t want their personal life exposed but feel that eventually the world will be ready to hear those beautiful words that can touch hearts. I have to agree with Thompson when he stated “There is nothing more empowering than other people reading your work.” Journalism can shape opinions,  expose the world and open up minds.

Here is a the link to the Scroll Digital:


One of the most controversal subjects on Campus is about a Facebook Page Called “BYU-I Secrets” the purpose of this page is to privately expose secrets you do not feel comfortable sharing under your own identity. Our University President, President Clarke addresses students who use this page for purposes that go against what BYU-Idaho stands for, he said the problem is not the page, the problem is that the Facebook creator used the University name to support what the University stands against.  Read more here;


Another article that caught my attention was an article about smart cars being used as police vehicles, I have seen these smart cars around town before and I always thought it was hilarious, but after reading this article I could understand why these vehicles were suitable for these particular officers.


Writing can bring a sense of clarity, even when I am writing in my personal journal I don’t always know what I feel until I begin to write all my feelings and emotions down, writing helps me to make sense of chaos.

I’m going to share one more article today, this article was about BYU-Idaho holding their first ever bone marrow drive, this sparked my attention, offering an opportunity to save lives and make money. As silly as it may sound, I’ve always wanted to save lives by giving plasma or blood, unfortunately I do not meet all the requirements in order to do so. When I saw this bone marrow donor opportunity I got excited, but of course I still do not meet the requirements. It’s the thought that counts, too bad those who are running the drive don’t feel that is enough to give money for. I am still fascinated by the idea that BYU-Idaho was presented with a new opportunity to save lives, I would be very curious to watch.


My teacher Ward Hicks recommended to enter in the Scroll community in order to being able to see what goes on in each event. The newspaper itself is an event. I feel this would be a wise decision because I can see the successes and failures amongst every kind of event in order to know how to shape my own successfully, on top of that I get to write and have my writing be seen!

I have always been very passionate about writing. Improve your writing skills and you will improve your life, your business and your overall communication with the world. Be a writer someone can relate to and rely on. Inspire, change minds and show this world what you have to offer.

-Marisa Faye Reeves