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I have officially changed my Major to Communications last week! My focus is going to be in Public Relations and I am taking a Unit in Advertising/Marketing. I have been thinking about being an Event Planner for almost a year now, but I still felt like Interior Design needed to be a useful and important aspect in my career. Not to long ago a big Idea hit me; why don’t I become an Event Manager for Interior Design Market Shows?

I was able to meet with one of my teachers and he fully supported me in my academic plan, I was advised to go into PR and Advertising/Marketing which was what I was already considering so that’s great! I learned that basically you can work in any area of Interest when you go into PR (so those of you who are still considering what to do with your lives this might be a good place to start). My teacher told us about a PR student that loved Opera but could not sing whatsoever, he decided he wanted to work with the Opera so now he works as the Public Relations Director for Operas.

I got an email this week from another one of my teachers that is aware of my academic plan telling me how smart my academic plan because I have planned to use all of what I learned in my future. I don’t want any of my skills to go to waste. I know I have something to contribute to society so I’m not going to hold back!

The first time I learned about Interior Design Market shows I believe was my Jr. Year of High School when I was researching for a Career Investigation Project that I was assigned and very eager to investigate. I watched a video on YouTube and I apologize that I no longer remember what video or business this came from but it was about a design firm for cruise ships. They were asked how they keep up to date with trends and their answer was that they went to these Market Shows. My Senior Year of High School I was applying for the Interior Design Program for college, part of the application required us to interview a professional in the Interior Design field. I called a local Design Company called Osmond Design in Lehi, UT and Interviewed their Floor Designer. I asked her how she kept up to date with the never-ending trends and she said she went to Market and kept up with Magazines and Interior Design websites.

When I was in the Interior Design program last year I remember several of our seminars stressed the importance of Market, some even showed Market examples and we learned about Market in our classes. I was always very interested in the idea of new design materials being located in the same place.

When my Career Choice wasn’t really working out I figured the aspect I was most proficient in Interior Design was Planning and Marketing so I thought I would do something that involved some aspect of Business, I have always considered something involving business. I realized how I have always loved planning parties and other events so I looked into Event Planning and discovered I needed to go into communications. I’m taking an Event Management class and I’m enjoying helping the Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce plan the Business Expo.

I still really felt like Interior Design somehow needed to be incorporated into my area of study, then it came to me. A few weeks ago I considered going into The Interior Design Market industry. I have been fond of this idea ever since. I’m really hoping I can make this work, I love Interior Design, I love people, I love planning and I love organizing.

Here is a list of all the different Interior Design Market shows around the world:


There are countless opportunities just waiting for me out there! I will make a difference in this world and use all my skills I have developed to make that difference!

Here is a Picture of The Las Vegas Market from http://teelac.com/portfolio/vegas-market-show-graphics/ :


I look forward to the future and all that I can do!

-Marisa Faye Reeves