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The Voyage of a Designer


My life officially takes voyage in a different direction. As many of you know my dream in life was to be an Interior Designer, I was going to travel all over the world, marry an architect (ideally haha) and establish a good business. God had a different goal in mind for me. Although I loved loved loved the Interior Design program, I went through all of 2012 really struggling with health issues and many other issues, I was having a hard time keeping up in the program and was not getting the support I know I deserved. I started to feel like maybe Interior Design wasn’t right for me, wasn’t where I was supposed to be. I kept talking myself out of this crazy thought, this was my dream and I wanted to pursue it! I knew I was supposed to be somewhere else. Last Summer I knew that I needed to quit the program and explore different career paths. It was a hard decision but I know it was the right one.

Design is still a part of me and always will be, however it will not be my profession. As of now I am planning on being an Event Manager (No I have no interest in being a wedding planner). I have always been good a presenting ideas, organizing events, and just putting things together. I still will use Interior Design in my life, those skills will not go to waste, I will also focus on the other things I enjoy in life and I hope you all will share them with me.

I have unmasked the banner from this voyage and have another in its place, ready for a new adventure.

Marisa Faye Reeves