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This is my very first drawing of a room such as this. We were assigned to select furniture, people and finishes that would belong in a Gothic Library and then draw them. This takes a lot more time than most would think to draw this. We were given floor plans and were aloud to select the appropriate view we desired for our libraries. Drawn in 2 point perspective using google sketch up, photoshop, illustrator and of course pencils.

We were to research the Gothic era to discover what would be fitting for this library.

My end product was entitled “Briar Dusk Library” because Briar is a word or rather name that was coined during the Gothic Era and Gothic pieces are typically Goddy and Dark. I thought the word “Dusk” would be a much prettier way to say “Dark”

I will be doing a lot of these in my future and will work hard to improve so one day I can be the best Interior Designer alive, for now I’ve got a lot of work to do.

-Marisa Faye Reeves