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A Light in the Dark Fabric Design:

I was assigned to either design an area rug or a fabric. I chose fabric. My sources of inspiration came from: The floating lanterns because I remembered lighting them off at my dear friend Kylie Mae’s Birthday party. (You may recognize these as the lanterns from the popular Disney movie Tangled). Another source of inspiration came from the rhythmic pattern of a simple city scape.

As lanterns ascend to the sky they appear to be smaller and smaller as they float away. I created a pattern where the motif that appears to be a lantern starts at a very large size and decreases in size as it works its way up the fabric. Eventually they get big again and the process starts over again.

The color palettes I chose were pinks,reds and yellow as well as blues,greens and yellow to make certain the pattern could appeal to either a girl or boy audience.

I feel that childish patterns and colors have an effect of creating a safe and comfy atmosphere. That is part of the reason I chose to call this fabric “A light in the Dark” because children typically have night lights or a source of comfort, and if a child feels safe in their bed they will sleep better.

Marisa Faye Reeves