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Design Concept: To combine Ms. Pemberly’s love for traditional appeal with her compulsive collection of picture frames in an aesthetically pleasing way. Her walls, bookshelves and nightstand will serve as her picture display. The room will soothe and relax her and take her away from her daily troubles. She will feel comfort and have various spaces to place keepsake items.



  1. All samples will be arranged on a board of your choice, size and color.
  2. You must use the samples and photo provided for you in the envelope. They willbe a part of your layout.
  3. You must use four fabric samples in addition to the one that is provided for you inthe envelope.


include the following samples.
floor finish
trim / molding finish (either painted or wood)
wood / paint finish, for wood on furniture; or metal finish at least one wall finish
cabinet and counter finish (if you have a kitchen or bath) colored photo of art piece.
use of trinket
must be keyed on the board.

  1. All samples
  2. A space for a title block and logo must be provided as discussed in class.
  3. Consider and use sustainable finishes
  4. Romance the board!!
  1. Students will use the elements and principles of design as a foundation for the layout of finish material boards.
  2. Students will develop the ability to select the proper material finishes for design concepts.
  3. Students will be able to key finish materials to a schedule in an organized manner.
  4. Students will develop the ability to select a variety of fabrics and materials of coordinating color, texture, motif size, and pattern blending.
  5. Students will develop the ability to create board layout that is organized,and can be used as a selling tool in design work.


  1. Students will develop the ability to design and place title blocks and logos on board layouts.
  2. Students will develop the ability to design finish material boards quickly and efficiently.