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I chose to use nylon and tight material because, it seems to be an item that women have to buy and instantly become disposable due to runs and rips in them. I figured Nylons and tights would be easy to get ahold of considering how quickly girls go through nylons, I bought a few to add interest and texture to the sphere. I also took advantages of my resources and grabbed about 1/2 a box of Peds from Payless, the lady working there looked at me kinda funny but I smiled and ran out, they are free for the public.

I covered the sphere with black nylon until the sphere could not be seen. Then, with the assistance of my roommate I sewed on bunches of nylons and tights in rose shaped bunches. It became more difficult to sew as the sphere became more covered.

I am proud to say that my texture sphere was displayed!


Texture involves the tactile sense, or sense of touch. As infants, we touch before we see, and through the years the role of texture in our lives remains a vital one. Often this tactile experience translates visually as well, with deep shadows within crevices creating a powerful visual texture.

With these thoughts in mind, create a composition on a Styrofoam ball no smaller than 4 inches in diameter. You may create your composition on a larger sphere, if you so choose. You may use any media of choice, and/or a combination of media. However, the finished product must be well designed, and be of secure construction.


To expand the studentʼs appreciation for the tactile sense in reference to texture.

To provide an opportunity for the student to design a composition that has artistic and creative merit.

To create a composition that not only provides a tactile texture experience, but also a visual texture experience.