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Inspired by my first and last initial and my signature I created the illusion of texture through patterns and motifs. I could see this making a very interesting piece of fabric.

– Marisa Faye Reeves

ASSIGNMENT # 8:If we use the same shape more than once in a design, we use it in repetition. Repetition is the simplest method in designing. Columns, and windows in architecture, the legs of a piece of furniture, the pattern in fabrics; tiles on the floor are obvious examples of repetition. Unity, one of the principles of design, is the result.

1. Using more than one of the initials from your name, develop a unit shape (single motif). You may distort, rearrange, completely change the initials so that they are completely unrecognizable. The motif can be rounded, squared, or take any form you desire. Mount on 11″ X 14″ format with mat.

2. “When unit shapes are used in larger size and smaller numbers the design may appear bold and simple.” Arrange your unit shape in as many repeats as necessary to create a “bold and simple” design. Mount on 11″ X 14″ format and mat.

3. “When the unit shapes are smaller and in countless numbers, the design may appear to be a piece of uniform texture.” Arrange your unit shape in as many repeated shapes as necessary to create a visual texture. Mount on 11″ X 14″ format and matt.

Remember that this assignment is a three-part assignment and should have a unity in execution of design and presentation. All mats should be the same black color, the same size, and have the same directional orientation, either horizontal, or vertical.

OBJECTIVE:To enable the student to develop a sensitive eye to visual texture by development of a unit shape (motif) in repetition.