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Assignment- Abstract art:

Make a pencil drawing from a photograph and simplify the subject matter by leaving out some of the smaller details.
In a second drawing flatten the object shapes and simplify their contours so that they are almost abstract in nature. You may sacrifice objective identity to unify the pictorial organization.
Use black and white and shades of gray only for your final presentation. Use 11″ X 14″ format. Matt in black.

OBJECTIVE:To help the students develop an understanding of shape and how it is used to create form and composition.

I was to use the same image from my last assignment (The duck) as my starting point for this project.

Along with my Abstract art I was assigned to come up with a story based off of my art and present my story in front of the class.

The Pirate and the Ghost

It was a bitter cold night in the late autumn season, the Pirate King had sent out his most trusted young pirate to bring him a small black stone. This stone was the most valuable and most precious item on the face of the earth. This stone would give you whatever your heart desired when you wished upon it.

The Dark and misty silver seas became impatient with the pirate and forced him to put his journey on pause. After he had placed the stone and a few pieces of coal in his pocket he would use to keep warm, Off in the distance the Pirate saw a house, he knocked on the door but no one answer, he went inside and there was no trace of anyone to be found. Naturally the Pirate assumed that no one lived here so he found a bed upstairs expecting to get a good nights rest to continue his journey tomorrow.

The Pirate had quite a restless night with the heavy wind blowing in, despite the wind there was another breathy sound crashing in, it appeared to be coming from downstairs. The Pirate went downstairs and to his surprise he met a Ghost. The Ghost wanted the stone of course. The pirate refused to give it to him because he knew the Ghost’s intentions with the stone were not good and that the Ghost would wish to come back alive. The Ghost trapped the Pirate in the house and threatened to keep the pirate trapped in the house until he handed over the stone.

That clever Pirate remembered the coal in his pocket, he knew that the Ghost would be unable to tell the difference from the coal and the stone so the Pirate gave the ghost a piece of coal and the Ghost set him free. It wasn’t long after the Pirate left that the Ghost discovered that he did not have the real stone. The Ghost came after the Pirate, the Pirate hid in the bushes and when the Ghost came out he threw the stone at the Ghost, it shattered the stone into a million pieces and the Ghost vanished.

The Pirate realized the power the stone possessed and came to the conclusion that no one should find a trace of the stone ever again, because in the wrong hands the stone could be quite dangerous. The Pirate disposed of the stone and traveled to an island where he lived for the rest of his life. No one saw the stone again.

– Marisa Faye ReevesAbstract Art