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STAR EventsI started working on Interior Design projects my Sophomore year of High School. FCCLA (Family Career and Community Leaders of America) allowed me to be able to further investigate the life of a Designer. My Dear Friend, Amber Barry and I entered the STAR Events Competition (Students taking action for recognition) in the Interior Design Category. This was my first competition in Interior Design. We learned so much, our teacher, Mrs. Sherman helped us through get through the project. I am so glad to have been a part of FCCLA, honestly it was the best thing I was involved with in High School. I was able to study for my career ahead of me, learned how to be a great leader and also strengthened many of my qualities an Interior Designer must have!

We were assigned a Client Profile and created display boards based off of the Client profile. We designed a neutral/ uni-gender nursery that could be transferred into a child’s room as the baby grew older, we used a giraffe as our theme of the nursery and called the room “Hush a Bye Mountain”. The paint color we selected was a beige color and we used yellow and blue our colors to make the room more interesting. Hardwood floors were in the Baby’s room so we used a soft rug for appeal and comfort for the baby, once it started crawling. We made sure we created a room safe for the baby, by placing electrical outlets away from the baby and placing the crib far away from a window.

Our Great room was called “Picasso’s Masterpiece” it was had a very modern theme to it. We selected eye-catching colors, oranges and reds. The room was suitable for entertaining guests as well as keeping the baby safe. We made sure there were no sharp edges that the baby could injure itself with.

This was a great learning opportunity, I am glad I participated in the Interior Design Competition. Amber and I received Silver Medals for both Area and State Level competitions.

– Marisa Faye Reeves