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I was privileged with the wonderful opportunity this year to be able to assist Alpine School District, in the District house project. The District house is a house designed and build by High School Students. This last year was Westlake High School’s turn to design the Interior of the House. I competed against my classmates, and worked in a small group to design the Interior of the house. Needless to say, my group won the competition. The contractor did  his very best to make sure that our design choices were followed as closely as possible. This last May, the house was opened to the public, it sold for $279k. The House is located in American Fork Utah.

My team did our very best to be able to attract anyone to the home, we wanted the house to look very neutral and fresh so that the people who bought the house would be able to do whatever they wanted with the house and not have to worry about anything clashing. I decided that a light blue-ish white color would be perfect, it was made the home look fresh and clean.

I would like to thank my Interior Design team for working with me on this project: Jenessa Ruoho and Kylee Anderson

Also my fabulous Teacher who taught me so much this year and was a great friend to me, she helped me and the contractor decide on many features of the house. Also if what I had chosen did not work for the house she quickly assisted the contractor. Thank you, Mrs. Peaden!

And thanks to the contractor and all the boys who build the house, I was impressed with the results.

This was my first house that I was able to help design and I am so grateful for the experience. I look forward to designing many more houses in the future.

– Marisa Faye Reeves